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Goth MP3 Sharing

Sharing is Caring

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A place to share and discuss your favorite goth music
A place to share your favorite goth music. Metal, darkwave, EBM, industrial, electronica, punk (of course), cabaret, old-school, mainstream and underground. If it falls under the umbrella of goth then it's ok to post. I'm not very picky. It is just asked, if needed you can provide some proof that can be or is dropped under that umbrella. Exceptions are allowed every so often, but please don't make it a frequent thing. It will get you a warning and if not heeded, a removal from the community.

You are wholeheartedly encouraged to buy it if you like it. Support your starving artists, they like to eat just as much as you do. Or maybe more than you do if you happen to be anorexic or just downright hate food, in which case, they like to be able to pay their rent. Please help them pay their rent and/or buy food. Good places to buy cd's or mp3 albums from are amazon.com, cdbaby, projekt records and dancing ferret. If you can come up with more they can be listed.

You may not like them but we have to have them.

1. Be nice. No flaming other members. If you have a problem take it to _lj_drama.
This one should be a no brainer. Not everyone likes the same things, the world would be boring and disgusting if we did, and we are not elitist-nazi's here. If you have a problem with someone or something you take it outside this community. If you start up drama and do not cease and desist when asked you will be banned. Harrassing other members journals is also not looked upon kindly.
2. Use the tags.
It is encouraged that you use the tag system. It's there for your benifit. Tag entries that you make and when you join, check the tags to make sure what you're looking for hasn't already been uploaded. This makes it easier to track what there is, what people are looking for and makes it so the same album doesn't have to be uploaded 5 times in a row. Also, when tagging make sure that you spell the band's name correctly.
3. Use an appropriate file sharing site.
Upload Sites and their maximum file sizes
1.5 GB:
1 GB:
500 MB:
300 MB:
250 MB:
Please try and refrain from using yousendit. If you do so and there are problems you will be asked to move it to another site.
4. Keep it revelant
This is a GOTH music sharing community so there will be a 1:1 rule in effect. This means if you request or share one thing that is not goth you will need to upload (not request) at least one thing that is. If it's two albums off, upload two that aren't, and so on. And just because the band memebers are wearing dark clothing or makeup doesn't make it appropriate. Emo isn't goth and metal isn't either, but crossovers are accepted. Remember, make sure you have the proof to back it up if needed.
5. If it's needed, use a lj-cut.
When posting lists, large requests, multiple albums with artwork, nws (not work safe) or potentially offensive images or multiple albums with album art stick it behind a livejournal cut. Not doing so clutters up the community and other people's friend lists and makes it difficult and irritating to get past.
6. Make your entries friends only.
The default is to friends only so do not try and override this. Doing so will get you banned no questions asked.
7. Say thank you.
Ok, so this isn't really a rule so much as a request. If you've asked for something, or if someone has uploaded something that you like, SAY THANKS! Not doing so makes you come off as an ungrateful jerk and a leech, and no one likes leeches. Overall, if you have the time to make a request and download it you should also have more than enough time to give thank you's to the uploader.
8. Enjoy!

The RIAA dictates that any music downloaded must be erased from your hard drive within 24 hours of downloading. This gives you ample previewing time. What you do with it after that is on your head. This community and it's moderator[s] (should there end up being more than one) are not under any terms responsable for your actions.

ALSO ~ This community is currently a work in progress so if you're joining don't expect much, but please do feel free to share.
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